Zyro.com is not just a website builder. It’s a powerful tool – think Swiss Army knife – that makes it easy for anyone to create a beautiful website. Look professional from the get-go and grow your business, online and beyond. It allowed to rethink the website builder user experience and keep only the essential features, making a user interface clean and simple. Besides offering the drag-and-drop functionality, Zyro introduced an intuitive CSS grid. Elements can easily be moved from one place to another. It allows users to play around with designer-made templates and still look great. Everything will snap right into place perfectly. They have also changed the way users interact with the templates.

Better template editing experience allows Zyro users to get that custom look easily, without having to make hundreds of changes to their chosen template. Website builders that overcomplicate things end up confusing users. Not only website creation, but preparing for a business launch, should be as straightforward as possible. So, they have launched tools dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs who are starting out, such as the Logo Builder, Slogan Generator and Business Name Generator. All of them are publicly available for anyone to use, without registration or subscription.

People usually choose to build websites for their side-gigs, businesses, or personal projects. Everyone has a default expectation that a well-constructed website will make them look professional. However, current website builders only partly solve this issue. In the end, users still depend on agencies, freelance writers, and designers to help their website take its final shape.

With this in mind, Zyro launched two AI-powered solutions that will assist users in launching websites that deliver actual business results. First, AI Writer assists anyone, no matter their writing skills, in creating professional-sounding texts. It generates a unique copy on specific topics selected by the user. Users then edit and adjust the text, and have a ready-to-publish website in minutes. Second, AI Heatmap provides insights on what website visitors will focus on before they even visit. So, SMBs can make better CTA placement and design decisions before they spend any actual money on user acquisition.

Here at Zyro, they are obsessed with measuring, understanding, and improving user experience. It includes both the experience of their clients as well as their customers visiting their brand new websites. A critical part of user experience is website load speed. Industry-leading magazine Search Engine Journal states that most of the current website builders are failing to ensure event decent website speed, which directly affects:

  • How long visitors stay on your site
  • How many visitors convert into buyers
  • How much you pay per click in paid search
  • Where you rank in organic search

While defining Zyro’s technology architecture, their number one priority was speed, both the speed at which we could introduce new services as well as page load speed. Currently, all of their clients enjoy industry-leading website load times, beating many of the well-established brands.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    Zyro provides not only the easiest experience but the most affordable too. Zyro has the potential to achieve much more and can give tough competition to products like Wix, Weebly. Zyro is using JavaScript stack: mainly Vue.js in the frontend and Node.js in the backend. Besides having huge and rapidly evolving communities, these frameworks also ensure maximum speed. Vue.js was a clear winner compared to other leading frontend frameworks (React, Angular). One of the benefits of Vue is that it allows us to break down the UI into smaller, reusable components. This makes development much faster and easier, especially when the application grows larger. Secondly, Zyro template editing grid is built on a rather new, but highly supported CSS Grid. It allows us to ensure we deliver a truly fluid user experience.

    Finally, with Zyro AI Heatmap, users can check which parts of their website will get the most attention before they even publish their website. Two different datasets were collected to train our model: a dataset from an eye-tracking device and a dataset gathered by using bubble view methodology.

    The builder left me with a generally positive impression. Well-structured, intuitive and flexible.

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