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“A picture is worth a thousand words”. One can not ignore the fantastic benefits of optimising images. Image optimisation is the process of slicing the image, reducing its resolution to make the file size smaller, so it loads faster. They have website pages that are not optimised can eat up a lot of the website speed, making the loading speed slow.

If your website is built with WordPress, then you can optimise images using various WordPress plugins like EWWW Image Optimizer, WP Smush, but I have decided to use one automated plugin for this which make use of the Google PageSpeed API to compress images and therefore it has the same compression as Google PageSpeed. WP Google PageSpeed Insights Image Optimizer. This plugin is for those people who are struggling with Google saying their images can be optimised better. Simply it works out of the box (if the API key is set).

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Google Pagespeed Image Optimizer

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