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TechSmith Morae is a large user experience analytics software that recognises and records live sessions from anyplace through a network. The Monitor and log critical research importance in real-time with the Morae Observer, have all of the audio, video, and on-screen activity with their Recorder.

After a complete recording, users can use the Morae Manager to efficiently analyse the recording, calculate effectiveness, generate graphs, and then make videos to share with co-workers. From focus groups to usability studies, Techsmith Morae support you to get insight into your user’s experiences by equipping you with data. Record and remotely perceive user interactions, efficiently analyse results, and instantly share your findings with anyone, anywhere.

Despite if it’s a mobile phone, GPS unit, or an espresso machine, you can upgrade the design of your product by testing it in the hands of real consumers.

Morae presents you with hard data and specific examples of usability problems. It also automatically measures and graphs effectiveness, performance, and satisfaction.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    TechSmith’s Morae is an excellent tool that is beneficial for any usability research. Its portability, reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness has reevaluated the data collection method and permits researchers to focus on the user experience preferably than the data collection tools.

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