$0.00 has a clean, uncluttered UI that makes the overall experience enjoyable and smooth. Also, it has the ability to seamlessly integrate with CMS’s out of the box, enable commenting on different pages, set up a support channel on a dedicated page, and run smoothly on mobile.

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Description is the quickest and lightest forum and commenting platform designed around user experience. Unlimited traffic and users, for free. is the only embedded community platform in the market that’s not based on iframes. It becomes a seamless part of your website, brand, and overall experience. Since it’s a collection of HTML elements sitting right on your page, it can be styled normally with CSS. A separate static site is generated for search engines to get the full benefits of SEO. Muut is the first discussion platform that was built for mobile from the start. It’s all connected.

Why use multiple separate solutions to solve one problem? enables you to add commenting to your blog, online store, and picture gallery, start a support channel on a dedicated page, while the forum aggregates all of the discussion. Multiple systems will lead to management and user interface hell. Muut also works great with many CMS’s out of the box.

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  1. 5 out of 5 is one of the best forum platform is embeddable, easily styleable, responsive, fast, lightweight, realtime, simple and uncluttered, as well as having forums and comments that are unified. It has one discussion system solution for all, clean, uncluttered user interface, and it can seamlessly integrated with your website.

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