LemonStand.com is the best eCommerce platform for retailers who want to grow their business. It works fine for beginners who don’t plan on customizing much past their own product pages and logo, but LemonStand is best for those companies who want a hyper-customization atmosphere with access to all the codes.

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Who Is LemonStand For?

LemonStand.com is an eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs that are challenging the status quo. These entrepreneurs need a flexible platform that can be highly customized to support their vision whether it includes a unique interactive design, digital products, subscriptions or something else.

These entrepreneurs are on a mission to stand out and grow quickly, and regular off-the-shelf platforms can’t be taken far enough. They need customization over the entire shopping experience, including the checkout, and the ability to optimize the sales funnel using modern analytics and A/B testing tools. That’s where LemonStand.com shines.

Why LemonStand.com – Key Differentiators

LemonStand.com is fully customizable
Other Platforms are built for stores who want something basic and off the shelf. They slap on a theme and change some colors and they have a new store. But for entrepreneurs who are going against the status quo and disrupting their market, they need complete customization and LemonStand.com is where they go for that. They can customize every single aspect of their shopping experience, including the checkout design. Even content management features are included, so brands can create engaging and beautiful content beyond the product catalog.

We don't charge transaction fees
Many other platforms have a low base price to make it look like they are cheap, but they add on transaction fees for every sale, so stores that earn a lot end up paying more. We've had customers move over from other platform for just this reason alone. LemonStand.com pricing is a fair, flat rate every month, and is compatible with retailers selling millions of dollars per year.

We’re extremely developer-friendly
We’ve heard so many complaints from developers about how other platforms are really hard to customize. LemonStand.com use Twig which makes it easy for developers to create dynamic and custom eCommerce websites. A robust API is also offered across all pricing plans, for developers to create custom apps and integration. Plus LemonStand.com have a bunch of developer tools to speed up their workflow.

We have built-in advanced SEO
We’re not just talking about the title tags and meta fields that every platform allows you to enter. I'm talking about other ranking factors, like full-site SSL, built-in mobile friendliness (responsive), and even the ability to customize URLs for your keywords.

The URL customization is also another example of how thoroughly customizable LemonStand.com is. Other platforms are auto-generate unfriendly URLs like store.com/collections/frontpage/products/keywords which push your keywords to the end and screw up your SEO. And you can't change them.

We don't redirect on checkout
Other Platforms are redirect to their own domains which means the retailer loses all control over the site from that point on, which is ridiculous because that's where customers are most likely to abandon the cart. Other platforms are forces the same checkout on every store, and retailers can't customize it to add conversion boosting elements like trust symbols, chat boxes, contact details, and so many more.

We have built-in Conversion Rate Optimization
LemonStand.com comes built with features that allow retailers to optimize for conversions. You can drop in tracking scripts, conversion pixels, and anything else you need. You implement tools to create popups, exit offers, landing pages, and so much more. You can run A/B tests using tools like Optimizely, and you can track which tests lead to higher revenue, which you can't do on other platforms because, guess what, that checkout redirect doesn't allow you to.

Our support is top-notch
You'll find so many people complaining about how they waste time on Other platform support forums and all they get is a “We don’t have that feature because we don’t think you need it” or “it doesn't happen to any of our other 100k stores”. We don't have support forums. You email us, we'll respond immediately. You call us, we'll pick up and walk you through the solution. We've even built features specifically because customers called up and offered feedback that we realized would make our customers lives easier. We don’t just provide support; we are your partner. That's not something you will get with any other platform.

We don’t charge extra for important features
All core features that every eCommerce business needs come as part of LemonStand.com. You don't need to pay extra and buy them on an App store. Want to sell digital products? It's built in. Need live shipping rates from UPS? Built in, available on all plans. Want to sell subscriptions? Built in. Custom fields? Volume-based pricing? Extra tabs? All built in.

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1 review for LemonStand.com

  1. 5 out of 5

    Having worked with Magento and Shopify, LemonStand has been a breath of fresh air. It is incredibly easy to customize, simple to use and the support has been outstanding. The ability to customize the entire design was much easier than it would have been on any other platform.

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