As we all know, building a website and displaying on the internet for the world to see, is a very intricate process for the average person. They did not create the website design for average, every-day person. They intended it for people that have skill and perception of geeky computer coding languages. In the end, the average, every-day person is either stuck with a very poorly designed, monotonous website or no website at all. Enter Blinkweb.com.

We saw a great need to connect the large gap among the average person and the knowledge needed to build an attractive website, a website you can be proud of. So we created Blinkweb.com, the world's easiest website creation tool. Not only that, but we made it free. Now, the average, every-day person can easily create a professional/pretty looking website they can proudly show off to their friends.

Blinkweb.com allows you to make your own website or blog “in the blink of an eye” Enjoy!

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    BlinkWeb is a tad bit like what Google Pages offered. You can design a multi-page website, prefer a template from their gallery, and drag and drop various elements onto the pages. BlinkWeb has extra features particular to Internet Marketers, though.

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