Rims and Goggles Optical Boutique

Rims and Goggles Optical Boutique

Project Description

Fashion icon and business-woman, Rosemary Grow and ex-husband-turned-friend Homer, speculated into the fresh edge of prescript eyeglasses Rims and Goggles as a fashion accessory–long before it was trendy.

In 2006 Homer and Rosemary’s daughter Penna obtain over ownership of the Marin County store, beginning her fashion, marketing and design expertise to Rims and Goggles of Marin. Among the launching of the Rims and Goggles online web store, their fashion and concept are available worldwide, offering what has been accessible to their customers in Marin County for over 30 years. Her business model flowered over the years with appeals from Hollywood to Dubai for her own styling and expertise. As a conclusion, now they proudly serve new “main-ites” as well as the children and grandchildren of our original customers from the ’70s.

They have approached Anblik to design their website on different kinds of spectacles. So we did. We have included all the features they have asked for in the first place and their website have blossomed since then. Apart from the layout in the back-end Php was used as to made the site functional.


Very happy with the final website. Shivaji owned a very genuine perception of the overall concept and was able to anticipate issues before they began and make recommendations to approach them. The construction and trial have been in a very detailed manner and I have observed Shivaji’s Technology very accommodating in getting my own test notes and reacting appropriately. Communication has been excellent and at no time was I not aware of what stage the project was at.

Penna OmegaCEO - Rims & Googles

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