Rims and Goggles Optical Boutique

Rims and Goggles Optical Boutique

Project Description

Fashion maven and business-woman, Rosemary Grow and ex-husband-turned-friend Homer, ventured into the new frontier of prescription eyeglasses Rims and Goggles as a fashion accessory–long before it was popular.

Visiting Paris and Milan each year to hand select the best the world had to offer in eye wear–rosemary found the now infamous lafont Paris where Rims and Goggles of marin became the lafont families’ very first optical account in the united states, a relationship that proudly continues to this day.

In 2006 Homer and Rosemary’s daughter Penna take over ownership of the Marin County store, bringing her fashion, marketing and design experience to Rims and Goggles of Marin. With the launching of the Rims and Goggles online web store, their style and vision is available worldwide, offering what has been available to their customers in Marin County for over 30 years. Her business model blossomed over the years with requests from Hollywood to Dubai for her personal styling and expertise. As a result, Rims and Goggles now proudly serves new “marin-ites” as well as the children and grandchildren of our original customers from the 70’s.

Very happy with the final website. Shivaji had a very good understanding of the overall concept and was able to anticipate issues before they arose and make suggestions to address them.The development and testing has been a thorough process and I have found Shivaji’s Technology very accommodating in receiving my own testing notes and responding appropriately. Communication has been excellent and at no time was I not aware of what stage the project was at.

Penna OmegaCEO - Rims & Googles

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