HueTrition: A Healthy Guide to A Colorful Lifestyle

HueTrition: A Healthy Guide to A Colorful Lifestyle

Project Description

Leading a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy has always been the desire of everyone. HueTrition develops that healthy lifestyle routine that changes and lasts. They have a team of experts with over 15 years of combined experience in K-12 Schools Health & Wellness, Child Nutrition, Food Industry, Better-For-You New Product Development, and Culinary Arts.
Their goal is to create a nourishing community that serves as a well-being source for parents and children. They are promoting to joint, life-long consumption of colorful fruits and vegetables, physical activity, and a greener lifestyle.

Their requirement to us designer and developers here at Anblik was to both design and develop their website. On the design part, we have used bootstrap to make it responsive for all kind of mobile devices. On the other hand, we have made the website dynamic with WordPress.

Simply outstanding! The best of the best! I could not ask for a better working experience! Thank you very much! I look forward to working with you again.

Monica H. SokolovskiyCEO - HueTrition

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