Burleson U Clinical Assistant Program

Burleson U Clinical Assistant Program

Project Description

Quickly and effectively train your clinical orthodontic assistant to deliver world-class customer service and clinical excellence through Burleson U Clinical Assistant Program. Grow your revenue per employee, reduce broken brackets, virtually-eliminate reception room waiting time, build lasting relationships with your patients and increase patient-to-patient referrals.

Each clinical team member will receive their own log-in and password credentials with secure testing in Burleson “U” Clinical Assistant Program. Passing grades on each quiz (80% or higher) are required in order to take the final examination. In addition to world-class training for new employees, many doctors use Burleson “U” Clinical Assistant Program for monthly, quarterly and annual training refreshers with the entire clinical team or provide the service for administrative employees who wish to become cross-trained in the clinic.

It’s not easy to agree on concepts when the corporate identity has to be built from scratch but Anblik makes it easy with custom designs, great portal, prompt service and patience. Shivaji, Thanks again.

Dr. Dustin BurlesonFounder

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