Why Not Use the Free Shared Web Hosting When Developing Your Website

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Why Not Use the Free Shared Web Hosting When Developing Your Website

Before creating and developing a website, you have to sign up with the proper web hosting plan in advance. It is the base of your online platform, with which you can upload and showcase your web contents to countless audiences effectively. At present, there are a large number of web hosting providers you can find online, some of which claim to cost you nothing. This time, we'd like to unveil the secrets of these free hosting providers and tell you why you should not use the free shared web hosting when developing your website.

Their Service Is Not Free for Real

It is true that you need to pay nothing to get the hosting solution offered by these free web hosts. However, the truth is that they only provide you with very limited allocation of server resources, which can even be hard for you to host a personal blog site. If you need more space for your web contents or more bandwidth to handle a high volume of traffic, these companies will charge you a lot.

In addition, you may find that most tools or features you need are not available from them. Once you ask for those tools, again, these web hosts will charge you extra money.

The Free Service Is Not Secure Actually

Generally, the free hosting solution is of the large security loophole. Unlike the paid hosting companies that pay much attention to this aspect, free service providers are much more likely to ignore the importance of the hosting security. For instance, the critical security related features, such as SSL certificate, SSH access, and nightly website backup, may not be available.

In addition, to save the budgets, these companies will put a large number of websites into a single web machine. In this case, the chances for your website to face the dangers brought by other websites can be large. Especially, some of these bad websites can be illegal ones that bring the virus or the infected data, which can be bad for your website security.

The situation changes if you choose some quality paid offers that set affordable price, because those hosting providers usually set up advanced firewalls, perform regular malware scans, make daily backups, and take many other security measures. Most of these services are free.

The Free Hosting Is Not Reliable

The reliability is important for most web hosts. After all, it affects the up time of your website directly, along with the reading experience of your audiences and the online ranking in the search engines indirectly. With the free hosting provider, you can hardly be promised with great up time records.

The quality servers and the cutting-edge data centers are the bases of reliable hosting. In this case, most quality hosting providers will use branded server machines and locate these machines at the world-class server spaces. The free hosting providers, however, generally adopt the low-quality web servers to reduce the needed budgets. In addition, they will not hire some professional experts to adjust and refine these machines for better performance.

As tested online and researched among many free hosting users, this hosting type can lead to frequent, serious and long-lasting downtime as compared with the paid service.

The Free Hosting Cannot Ensure the Fast Hosting

You need the fast page loading speed so that your readers can check your web contents with great experiences. However, you can hardly get fast hosting with the free hosting solution. The server response time of our tested website hosted by a free web host is even up to 986 ms on average.

In fact, most quality and paid hosting providers have done a lot for achieving the fast hosting. For instance, they may replace the HDD drives with the SSD drives, provide you with the CDN service, set up the partnership with the most famous network providers, make use of the Intel processors and do anything else that can boost the hosting performance.

The free hosting providers, however, will not make these efforts at all due to the limited budgets.

The Free Hosting May Inject the Advertisements

Even the free hosting has to make money. Some of them rely on charging you for the extra hosting features. And others will ask you to put their advertisements on your website to get the revenue.

Frankly speaking, this is a terrible thing as you cannot control what the advertisements are. For instance, the ads may not fit your web content, may occupy a large portion of your webpage and may destroy the overall style of your site. No matter what the condition might be, you should face a big challenge.

The Free Hosting Can Hardly Promise Helpful Support

The responsive and 24/7 technical support is really important. Especially, for some newbies, they need all-time-rounded and prompt technical support to deal with any issue happened.

The free hosting providers, however, always offer poor technical support. You may find that you can hardly reach their support team no matter when you contact them via which support method. Even, some free web hosts will charge you the support fee that is really expensive.


It is clear that free hosting is not the suitable hosting option for any webmaster. If you want to save budgets when running your website, be sure to go with those cost-effective web hosts which allow you to get top-notch service without costing too much.

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