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Website Accessibility

Accessibility of your website and mobile Apps to the visually and hearing impaired is important. Non-accessible websites violate the ADA or AODA Act and you risk litigation. Connect with our accessibility experts to develop a plan for dealing with accessibility issues.

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eCommerce Accessibility

We provide end-to-end accessible ecommerce website development services ensuring that there are no barriers for a customer while online shopping to deliver outstanding online shopping experiences and drive your ecommerce business success.

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ADA Compliant Website Design

Our UI/UX design team can create innovative & Creative ADA compliant design layout using Figma, Adobe XD, InvisionApp or Photoshop. You will get better Navigation, Responsive Layout using by maintaining a WCAG Color Contrast ratio of 4.5:1.

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Mobile App Accessibility

We provide iOS and Android App Accessibility Audit and Testing Report. Our approach to Mobile App Accessibility combines accessibility experts and UX designers to deliver mobile app accessibility audits. This provides guidance on best practices and support to make Apps accessible.

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We are a web design company from Kolkata, providing our web design & development services following WCAG accessibility guidelines since as far back as in 2003. We’ve been responsible for designing hundreds of websites, including small business websites, as well as ones that require experts help in WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Webflow, Magento, Craft CMS, Laravel & CodeIgniter to come up with a combo of great looking design, features and functionality.

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